Pegasus Airpark 100 LL Fuel - 24 Hour Self Service  
Price as of
June 2017:

Member price with prepaid smart card: $3.
40 per gallon.
Member price with registered credit card: Above price plus credit card fee.
Unregistered credit card: $7.00 per gallon.

Fuel Price History:

The Flight Association members at Pegasus Airpark have the advantage to save on their fuel
costs with member fuel pricing plans.

1.  Normal Credit Card Use - This price is industry competitive but is usually set higher than the
lowest price at Stellar or Chandler airports to discourage non-member use.  

2.  Members who register their credit card with the Flight Association - Saving approximately
$0.50 per gallon or more from price number 1.   This price usually is lower then the lowest price
found at the local airports.  

3.  Members purchasing a prepaid card - This removes the credit card transaction fee and
results in the most savings for Flight Association members.  This price is usually $1.00 or more
less per gallon then the price at other local airports.

Notice:  Price subject to change based on delivery cost.  February 2011 -
Delivery price increased to $3.83 per gallon.  December 2011 - Delivery price increased to
$4.21 per gallon.  March 2012 fuel was purchased to average the members price at $4.55 per
gallon.  In November 2012 the price was reduced and the average to members with a prepaid
card was $4.29 a gallon.  In April 2013 price increased to $4.49 per gallon.  Tank was refilled
in January 2015 and member price was $3.27 per gallon.  Member price $3.25 per gallon in
September, 2015.  Increased to $3.35  (February 2016).  March 2016 - $2.87 per gallon.
October 2016 - $3.15 per gallon.  December 2016 - $3.08 per gallon. March 2017 - $3.33
per gallon.
 June 2017 - $3.40 per gallon.
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